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If you are a jazz musician, promoter or venue manager, you can submit your gig details here to have it included, at no cost, in our Jazz Gig Calendar.

We will add your gig to the Calendar as quickly as possible; it might take a day or two. As you can imagine, we get requests to add gigs to our free listings in all sorts of ways, many of which don’t give complete information. This results in the hassle and expense of follow-up emails and phone calls and can delay your listing.

So – let’s work together. You make life easier for us by providing complete information in a helpful format and we’ll provide you with an even more efficient and valuable service; and all for free!

All you need to do is to email us at with your gig information in the following format. We’ll do the rest. If that link doesn’t work for you, just copy and paste the address.

Example listing:

Gli Avanzi Jazz Quintet | Reading
Sun 10 Sep | Gli Avanzi Jazz Quintet | Peter Bingham tenor sax, Chris Wagstaff trumpet, Martin Dix guitar, Jim Saunders bass, Andrew Last drums | Reading | The Global Cafe | 7:30pm | No charge

By the way, check that your gig’s venue is listed here. If it isn’t listed, go here to add it.