Our brilliant photographer-in-residence – Zoë White – has been taking great photos of most of our Jazz at Progress gigs since March 2015.  Specialising in performance photography, Zoë has photographed jazz musicians in venues such as Bulls Head, Crazy Coqs, The Hideaway, Jagz, The Pheasantry, The 606, Ronnie Scott’s and Ronnie’s Upstairs. She was event photographer for Brecon Jazz London Day 2021, ​ TW12 Jazz Festivals 2014 – 2017 and Jazz for Kamuli in 2016.

Copyright notice: All photos below are by Zoë unless otherwise stated and may not be used in any way without her express permission. To enquire about licensing any of the photos, please contact Zoë on

Photos by guest photographers Colin Swain and Lee Alexander taken since 2016 also feature here. There is a selection of images by other photographers of some of the other great jazz gigs  prior to March 2015 at both Progress Theatre and Reading Town Hall.

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Moscow Drug Club | Progress Theatre | 19 December 2021

Katya Gorrie vocals, Jonny Bruce trumpet, Mirek Salmon accordion, Andy Bowen guitar, Andy Crowdy bass


Clark Tracey Sextet | Progress Theatre | 26 November 2021

Mark Armstrong trumpet, James Wade-Sired trombone, Tom Ridout alto & tenor saxophones, recorder, Gareth Williams keyboard & vocal, James Owston bass, Clark Tracey drums


Andrew McCormack’s Graviton | Progress Theatre | 22 October 2021

Andrew McCormack keyboard, Noemi Nuti vocals, Josh Arcoleo tenor saxophone, Conor Chaplin electric bass, Joshua Blackmore drums



Kate Williams’ Four Plus Three Meets Georgia Mancio | Progress Theatre | 7 March 2020

Kate Williams piano/composer/arranger, Georgia Mancio vocals/lyricist, Conor Chaplin bass; David Ingamells drums, John Garner, Marie Schreer violins, Jenny Ames viola, Sergio Serra cello

Xhosa Cole Quartet | Progress Theatre | 31 January 2020

Xhosa Cole tenor saxophone, Jay Phelps trumpet, James Owston bass, Jim Bashford drums 

Alan Barnes Octet: “A Jazz Christmas Carol” | Progress Theatre | 20 December 2019

Alan Barnes alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, composer, arranger, Bruce Adams trumpet, flugelhorn, Mark Nightingale trombone, arranger, Karen Sharp tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, clarinet, Robert Fowler tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, clarinet, David Newton keyboard, Simon Thorpe bass, Clark Tracey drums

Stuart Henderson Quintet Celebrates Blue Note | Progress Theatre | 22 November 2019

Stuart Henderson trumpet & flugelhorn, Ollie Weston tenor saxophone; Tom Berge keyboards, Raph Mizraki bass, Simon Price drums

Quentin Collins Sextet | Progress Theatre | 18 October 2019

Quentin Collins trumpet & flugelhorn, Tony Kofi alto saxophone, Branden Allen tenor saxophone, Steve Hamilton keyboard, Larry Bartley bass, Shane Forbes drums


Mark Lockheart’s Orchestral Jazz Suite Presents Days on Earth | Wilde Theatre | 27 September 2019

Mark Lockheart tenor saxophone, Alice Leggett alto, Laura Jurd trumpet & flugelhorn, Rowland Sutherland flute & piccolo, Sam Rapley clarinet & bass clarinet, Liam Noble piano, Mike Outram guitar, Tom Herbert bass, Sebastian Rochford drums, Jim Rattigan, Anna Drysdale French horns, Emma Smith, Phil Granell, Richard Jones violins, Sergio Serra cello

Scott Willcox Ten-piece Big Band | Progress Theatre | 20 September 2019

Scott Willcox directing, Andy Gibson trumpet & flugelhorn, Gabriel Garrick trumpet, flugelhorn & trombone, Martin Gladdish trombone, Julian Costello tenor saxophone, Pete Hurt tenor saxophone & flute, Bob McKay soprano, alto and baritone saxophones & clarinet, Samuel Eagles alto saxophone, Dave Frankel keyboards, Marcus Penrose bass & bass guitar, Gary Willcox drums

Stuart Henderson and The Remix Jazz Orchestra – ‘The Evolution of the Big Band – from the Birth of Jazz’ | Reading Minster | 23 July 2019


Greg Abate & The Craig Milverton Trio | Progress Theatre | 12 July 2019

Greg Abate sax & flute, Craig Milverton piano, Adam King double bass, Nick Millward drums
These photos courtesy of Colin Swain Photography.

Paz | Progress Theatre | 21 June 2019

Geoff Castle keyboards, synthesizer, Rob Statham bass, Matt Wates alto saxophone, Les Cirkel drums, Chris Fletcher percussion, Dominic Grant guitar

The Bobby Hutcherson Project: Orphy Robinson MBE Quintet | Progress Theatre | 17 May 2019

Tony Kofi alto saxophone, Robert Mitchell keyboard, Orphy Robinson MBE vibraphone & marimba, Dudley Phillips bass, Rod Youngs drums

Henry Lowther’s Still Waters | Progress Theatre | 12 April 2019

Henry Lowther trumpet & flugelhorn, Pete Hurt tenor saxophone, Barry Green keyboard, Dave Green bass, Paul Clarvis drums

Get The Blessing | Progress Theatre | 22 March 2019

Pete Judge trumpet, Jake McMurchie tenor saxophone, Jim Barr bass, Clive Deamer drums


A Portrait of Cannonball featuring Tony Kofi | Progress Theatre | 22 February 2019

Tony Kofi alto saxophone, Byron Wallen trumpet, Alex Webb piano, Andy Cleyndert bass,  Alfonso Vitale drums, Deelee Dubé guest vocalist.

Gilad Atzmon; The Orient House Ensemble | Progress Theatre |18 January 2019

Gilad Atzmon soprano, alto, tenor saxes, Ross Stanley piano, Yaron Stavi double bass,  Enzo Zirilli drums  
These photos courtesy of Colin Swain Photography.

Jean Toussaint Sextet “Brother Raymond Tour” | Progress Theatre | 15 December 2018

Andrew McCormack piano, Jean Toussaint tenor saxophone, composer, leader, Daniel Casimir double bass, composer, Byron Wallen trumpet, composer, percussion, Shane Forbes drums, Tom Dunnett trombone


Steve Fishwick Quintet | Progress Theatre | 24 November 2018

Steve Fishwick trumpet, John Pearce piano, Grant Stewart tenor saxophone, Jeremy Brown bass, Matt Fishwick drums

Matt Wates Sextet | Progress Theatre | 19 October 2018

Matt Wates alto saxophone, Leon Greening piano, Malcolm Creese bass, Steve Main tenor saxophone, Steve Fishwick trumpet & flugelhorn, Matt Home drums

Elftet | Progress Theatre | 28 September 2018

Jonny Mansfield vibes & leader, James Davison trumpet & flugelhorn, Rory Ingham trombone, Tom Smith alto saxophone, Sam Rapley tenor saxophone & bass clarinet, Dom Ingham violin & vocals, Ella Hohnen Ford vocals & flute, Laura Armstrong cello, Oliver Mason guitar, Will Harris bass guitar, Boz Martin-Jones drums

Jam Experiment | Progress Theatre | 31 August 2018

Toby Comeau keyboard, Rory Ingham trombone, Dominic Ingham violin and voice,  Jonny Mansfield drums, and Joe Lee bass

Reading Dusseldorf Jazz Ensemble | Reading Fringe Festival Main Stage | 25 July 2018

Pete Billington keyboards, Reiner Witzel alto saxophone, Simon Price drums, Stuart Henderson trumpet & flugelhorn, Raph Mizraki bass & electric bass

Rebecca Poole Quintet | Progress Theatre | 25 May 2018

Rebecca Poole vocals, Steve Wyndham drums, Brandon Allen tenor sax, Raph Mizraki bass, and Hugh Turner guitar

Martin Speake Trio with Ethan Iverson | Progress Theatre |
27 April 2018

Martin Speake alto saxophone, Ethan Iverson piano, Fred Thomas bass, James Maddren drums

Chris Laurence Quartet | Progress Theatre | 29 March 2018

Chris Laurence  bass, John Parricelli  guitar, Frank Ricotti vibes, and Martin France drums

Leon Greening Quartet | Progress Theatre | 2 February 2018

Leon Greening piano, Christian Brewer soprano & alto saxes, Dave Chamberlain double bass, Steve Brown drums

John Law’s Re-Creations | Progress Theatre | 5 January 2018

John Law keyboards, Sam Crockatt tenor and soprano saxes, James Agg bass, Billy Weir drums, percussion

Moscow Drug Club | Progress Theatre | 24 November 2017

Katya Gorrie vocals, Jonny Bruce trumpet, Mirek Salmon accordion, Will Edmunds guitar, Andy Crowdy bass

Tough Tenors Quintet | Progress Theatre | 27 October 2017

Ray Gelato tenor saxophone, Alex Garnett tenor saxophone, Gunther Kurmayr keyboard, Manuel Alvarez bass, Matt Home drums

Alex Hitchcock Quintet | Progress Theatre | 22 September 2017

Two of a Mind | Progress Theatre | 1 September 2017

Stu Butterfield, Chris Biscoe, Dave Whitford, Allison Neale, Colin Oxley. Biscoe and Neale provide a perfect foil for each other; a civilised, unhurried musical conversation. Beautifully supported by Stu Butterfield, Dave Whitford and the subtle guitar of Colin Oxley. Like good conversation, there was no telling in which direction the music may lead: you just had to keep listening!

Tom Smith Septet | Progress Theatre | 18 August 2017

Olli Martin, Alex Hitchcock and Alistair Martin in perfect harmony. Each a star in his own right – L to R from the top: Olli, Will B, Alex, Alistair, Conor, Tom & Will C.
These photos courtesy of Colin Swain Photography


Claire Martin with Dave Newton | Progress Theatre | 23 June 2017

Claire Martin OBE vocals and Dave Newton piano. Claire told us she had a ball – and so did the packed house!

Art Themen’s New Directions Quintet | Progress Theatre | 2 June 2017

Gareth Williams, Arnie Somogyi, Art Themen, Dave Barry and Steve Fishwick.

Arnie Somogyi’s Jump Monk | Progress Theatre | 7 April 2017

Arnie Somogyi double bass, Clark Tracey drums, Jeremy Price trombone, Mark Edwards keyboard, Tony Kofi sax.

Ian Shaw with Jamie Safir and Mick Hutton | Progress Theatre | 3 March 2017

Derek Nash Acoustic Quartet with special guest Martin Shaw | Progress Theatre | 27 January 2017

Dave Newton, Derek Nash, Geoff Gascoyne, Martin Shaw and Sebastiaan de Krom.

Empirical | Progress Theatre | 16 December 2016

Lewis Wright vibes, Tom Farmer bass, Nathaniel Facey alto and Shaney Forbes drums are in the zone. Clapping intro to “The Maze” – a Tom Farmer composition.

Ben Holder Quartet | Progress Theatre | 4 November 2016

Ben Holder, violin piano and vocals, Jefferies double bass, Dave Wilkes drums, Jez Cook guitar.

Christian Brewer Quintet | Progress Theatre | 30 September 2016

Christian Brewer, Jonathan Gee, Adam King and Damon Brown

Nigel Price Organ Quartet | Progress Theatre | 2 September 2016

Nigel Price, Ross Stanley, Matt Home, Brandon Allen

Glimpses of Jazz for Kamuli | 16 July 2016


Theo Travis’ Double Talk | Progress Theatre | 24 June 2016

Mike Outram, Dylan Howe, Theo Travis, Pete Whittaker. Zoë White used in-camera double exposures in a clever take on the group’s name.

Scott Willcox Big Band | Progress Theatre | 27 May 2016

All images for this event © Lee Alexander Photography. Images may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed or published without  express permission.

Georgia Mancio and Quadro | Progress Theatre | 22 April 2016

Georgia Mancio, Frank Harrison and Andy Cleyndert.

Stuart Henderson / Vasilis Xenopoulos Quintet | Progress Theatre | 24 March 2016

Jez Cook, Vasilis Xenopoulos, Raph Mizraki, Stuart Henderson

Arun Ghosh Quartet | Progress Theatre | 26 February 2016

Liran Donin, Arun Ghosh, Rastko Rasic and Shirley Tetteh

Moscow Drug Club | Progress Theatre | 29 January 2016

Katya Gorrie, Andy Crowdy, Jonny Bruce, Andy Bowen, Mirek Salmon

Andy Sheppard’s Hotel Bristol | Progress Theatre | 18 December 2015

Darius Brubeck Quartet | Progress Theatre | 20 November 2015

Gabriel Garrick’s Expansions Quintet | Progress Theatre | 23 October 2015

Peter King Simon Spillett Quintet | Progress Theatre | 4 September 2015

Kairos 4tet | Progress Theatre | 29 May 2015

John Turville, Adam Waldman & Jasper Hoiby

Art Themen and Karen Sharp with the Simon Price Trio | Progress Theatre | 1 May 2015

Alex Garnett’s ‘Bunch of Fives’ | Progress Theatre | 2 April 2015

Don Weller Quartet | Progress Theatre | 6 March 2015

Pre-March 2015 gigs at Progress Theatre and Reading Town Hall

Various photographer credits. Random date order.