Submit Your Gig

If you are a jazz musician, promoter or venue owner / manager, you can submit your gig details here to have it included, at no cost, in our Jazz Gig Calendar.

We will add your gig to the Calendar as quickly as possible; it might take a day or two. As you can imagine, we get requests to add gigs to our free listings in all sorts of ways, many of which don’t give complete information. This results in the hassle and expense of follow-up phone calls and can delay your listing.

So – let’s work together. You make life easier for us by providing complete information in a helpful format and we’ll provide you with an even more efficient and valuable service; and all for free!

The process is easy: the first step is to ensure that your gig’s venue is listed here. If it isn’t listed, go here to add it.

If and when the venue is listed, the second and final step is to click on the Submit Gig link below. This will construct you an email ready to send to our Listings Editor. The mail contains an example gig listings entry. All you need to do is to edit in the details of your gig and press send. We’ll do the rest.

Submit Gig

Please note that the details you submit will be checked and edited before being approved for publication. We reserve the right to make amendments before publication if we consider the content inappropriate or inaccurate.