Mike Miller Trio | Rotherwick

Sun 11 Nov | Mike Miller Trio with David Chedgey double bass, Nick Monnas drums, Mike Miller guitar | Rotherwick | Tylney Hall | 2:30pm | Jazz Afternoon Tea £36 per person

Gin and Jazz at the Three Guineas | Reading

Sun 11 Nov | Gin and Jazz at the Three Guineas | Julia Titus vocals, Matt Foster guitar | Reading | Three Guineas | From 2pm | No charge and tonic is free with all gins | In collaboration with Jazz in Reading

Lea Lyle Quartet with guest Annie Parker | Reading

Sun 11 Nov | Lea Lyle Quartet | Lea Lyle vocals, Annie Parker flute, Nick Hill piano, Terry Davis bass, Jim Wade drums | Reading | The Global Cafe | 5pm | No charge